Episode 15

Published on:

7th Sep 2022

Fighting More Than Food Insecurity with Paul Taylor

Food Insecurity impacts almost 6 million people in Canada. With the cost of everything, including food rising, we can expect this to get worse. What do we do about it? Are Food Banks the answer? Paul Taylor of Food Share Toronto is on a mission to "put food insecurity in the history books" - he joins host Jessa McLean to discuss just what that means, and why charity alone won't be enough to make sure our community members don't go hungry.

  • PROOF Report on Food Insecurity (2021) - We reference a lot of statistics from this report. Some notable ones - 1 in 4 renters in Canada experience food insecurity vs. 7.6% of home owners - 16% of households have experienced food insecurity - Nunavut being the highest Province and/or Territory with 57% - Indigenous and racialized households experience far greater rates of food insecurity - 65% of people accessing food banks are employed
  • Good Food Box | FoodShare
  • Paul Taylor's Bio
  • FoodShare Website

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